Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sharky's Pick-N-Click Rating

O.K. I was maybe a little hard on the Zimmerman Agency’s “Pick-N-Click” Agency model. Like the Automat, you see and use what you want in terms of a campaign and it’s that simple.

I like to assume the creatives at Zimmerman/Pick-N-Click get paid a decent wage. Heck maybe even a living wage. Some one has to create the variety needed to keep the car dealer clients happy. At least the creatives have a chance to say what they expect to be paid at the interview when they first start out at Zimmerman, right?

But I am going to stick with my 3 Golem Rating for
Zimmerman's Pick-N-Click

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crowdSPRING is different.
Very different.

Well, when I posted a virtual agencies discussion online at one of my LinkedIn groups I kept seeing references to crowdSPRING pop up.

I must be very out of the loop, because I had never heard of crowdSPRING. But according to their website they have only been up and running for about a year.

They were also apologizing for the bad behavior of their servers, and their own shortsightedness (is that really a word?). They obviously are experiencing growing pains.

The crowdSPRING Model— “We’re the marketplace for creative services.”

A) Post a creative brief, (a good thing)

B) Then a budget amount, (again, a good thing ostensibly)

C) Then a completion date is posted
This feels familiar to anyone with an agency background. But the budget amounts are astoundingly low. As a “CREATIVE” participating in a project, you submit your numerous iterations to the site and anyone can see them! There are tons of them. Some are really nice some are awful and still your chance of getting picked is on average 1 out of 68, a whopping 68 responses for every project submitted!

Here is what they promise to the “CLIENTS” who they call “BUYERS”:

Name your price
Launch your project on your budget, not someone else's.

So if you just want to pay $200 for a logo (corporate identity) you can do that, you are the buyer. That seems very low to me.

Name your deadline

See entries within hours and be done in just days.

Wow! I, as a client love the idea of a designer, nay, many designers jumping when I say jump. Not only when I say jump but how high! The ultimate in modern day net slavery. Think desktop publishing sweatshops.
Ridiculous choice

The average project gets a whopping 68 entries.

This is a great selling point for me as a designer, work my caffeine addled brain into a frenzy to complete with 68 or more other professionals for a measly sum. As Oliver Twist might say, "More, sir"

Money back guarantee

25 entries or your money back.

This kills me, no agency ever promises that, they hard sell a client until they submit. Just kidding, but you do sell the variations you present, you stand behind them. To say that you have presented something unworthy of their startegic need is a self-defeating stance.

15,000+ creatives

Your virtual creative team in over 140 countries.

This is just astounding, I really don’t have anything to say about it except, bye, bye, job security.

We’re here to help

Seven days a week. (although we occasionally sleep).

So are your servers lately, it seems.

Exceptional quality

Never sacrifice quality for budget or deadline.

Well that sign on my wall which says pick two: quality, budget or deadline.
It is evidently very old school and does not apply in this model.

Free contract

So you know you have full ownership of your final design.

This flies in the face of everything the Graphic Artist Guild Handbook says about ownership of design.

Here is what they promise to the talent who they call “CREATIVES”:

It's easy find the projects you like, submit your ideas and get paid when yours is the best

It’s true the variety of projects were interesting and at least they had a coherent brief to accompany them. But I feel time spent on a job should be compensated.

Payment escrow

We hold the buyer's money— so no abandoned projects.

I usually ask for a third of the payment up front.

IP protection

No stealing ideas. No concept copying. No way.

So how does that happen when everyone can see the submissions?

No bidding

Stop trying to be the lowest bidder— start designing.

At $200 a pop I don’t think I could start designing for very long before I would have to stop.

You're in charge

Work on the projects that you want, when you want.

I do that anyway, don’t you?

Top projects

Some of the biggest brands in the world post projects.

Hmmmm. I am so swayed by this one. I did a $200 brand identity for Timberland!

How does that sound? It makes me sound like a fool for giving my creative capital away.

Awesome community

22,000+ creatives all working together, learning and growing.

This is just so compelling, if I get involved with anymore online communities I will just go mad! Mad I tell you!!

Sharpen your skills

Build your portfolio, win clients and perfect your craft.

This is one good selling point, but I think that part of your professionalism dies when you do work for spec.

We're here to help

Seven days a week (although we occasionally sleep).

Again, I think they were asleep when they worked up this business model.

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